Experimental Evaluation of the Resource Efficiency of NoSQL Data Schemes in a Given IT-Infrastructure

Dmitry Ilin, Evgeny Nikulchev


The paper presents an analysis of the effectiveness of two NoSQL database schemas for saving a stream of semi-structured data with specified characteristics. A framework based on virtual machines was prepared for the experimental research. It simulates the operation of the web service with a classic three-tier architecture for collecting data. The situation when the data flow exceeds the resource capabilities of the web service is considered. Based on the experiments, a comparative analysis of computing resources utilization for given database schemas is carried out. The analysis of the results showed that differences in the database schema affect the reliability and overall performance of the system. In this paper, we propose a framework and methodology for evaluating the effectiveness and reliability of information systems with given data schemes using the example of MongoDB. The proposed experiment methodology can be used with other software components and database management systems. The importance of the research is determined by the need to analyze the influence of data structures on the efficiency and reliability of computing systems and big data processing systems.

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