3GPP D2D Specification and Public Services

Dmitry Namiot


This article deals with ProSe (Proximity Services) in the 3GPP specification. According to 3GPP specifications, proximity services are used to identify possible candidates for direct (D2D - Device to Device) communication between devices. Under the control of the network, the devices in the proximity are identified, and then the data is exchanged directly between the devices. This model is seen as the basis for many new services. However, in our opinion, a direct connection of devices will have limited application. The only reason for this is security. A connection to another device is (in terms of cybersecurity) a connection to an unknown device. This is how a device that is found in the vicinity should be considered. The fact that this device is known to the operator does not actually change this characteristic in any way. Connecting to an unknown device is a direct way to attack the device. The approach suggested in this paper is that the ProSe (D2D) components may be the backbone of public telecommunications services that do not require a connection between devices.

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