Industrial Application Architecture IoT and protocols AMQP, MQTT, JMS, REST, CoAP, XMPP, DDS

S. Seleznev, V. Yakovlev


The most important messaging protocols proposed as the basis for the new generation of the Internet of Things (IOT) and, more specifically, industrial Internet applications (IIoT) are discussed in this article. Understanding the architecture and message separation requirements in each target system influences the choice of the most appropriate solution for operational technologies (OT) or process control systems.

If the target system needs to process thousands or more of other network devices, the choice of AMQP, MQTT, JMS, REST, or XMPP protocols can result in poor performance and particular complexity. CoAP supports IP Multicast, allowing one request to publish a message to multiple devices simultaneously.

Unlike DDS, which provides support for dynamic discovery (Discovery), setting up a system that uses AMQP, MQTT or JMS through a broker is required. Access to the broker is usually implemented using a well-known network address or search services, such as JNDI.

DDS can provide real-time, many-to-many, managed connections required by high-performance applications (device-to-device). DDS is also becoming the key messaging protocol for connecting real-time device networks to cloud-based data centers (Cloud - Fog - Cloudlet). The specific implementation of DDS (there are about a dozen independent manufacturers in the world today) can offer a unique way to exchange high performance data.

Ensuring that the system is fault tolerant and secure is a key factor in the IoT world, consisting potentially of many thousands of messaging devices. Lead implementations typically provide their own solutions based on SSL or TLS, as well as s / Mime. AMQP and XMPP specify the use of SASL to provide a pluggable message authentication interface, and a comprehensive security system is standardized in the accepted OMG DDS specification.


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