BIM Technologies for Tunnels Used in Subways, Railways, Highways, and Hyperloop - IFC-Driven Real-Time Systems and Disruptive Innovation

Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Yuri Voropaev, Oleg Pokusaev, Alexander Klimov, Andrey Dobrynin, Dmitry Gapanovich


 The article deals with the use of BIM technologies for tunnels. Tunnel and subway construction is one of the most challenging applications for special equipment in civil engineering. An underground construction site requires the use of machines that can work in very specific conditions. This is a narrow and confined space, large volumes of material at the construction site, dust, and other factors that make work difficult. The safety levels in such construction must also be very high. The cost of mistakes and inconsistencies in the tunnel business is also extremely high, as is the cost of success, which makes possible what was previously unthinkable. The use of BIM as a hub for collecting and leveraging innovations that reduce construction costs and time, and improve working conditions in tunnels and subways, in fact, began simultaneously with the emergence of modern BIM. Therefore, based on the growing needs for knowledge, expressed in formalized semantics and ontologies recognized in the digital economy, in complex construction projects, a knowledge management system is needed, based on the BIM ontological model, located in a real-time data center.

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