Models of network proximity in information systems in transport

Dmitry Namiot, Oleg Pokusaev, Alexander Chekmarev


The article deals with one model for building information systems in transport. Such projects, as a rule, are closely related to various kinds of IoT systems in transport. The information that is provided to users of transport information systems should, of course, include (take into account) data received directly from the transport infrastructure. This is data from IoT systems. In this work, we want to focus on one model of using the Internet of Things in transport, based on the use of the concept of network proximity. In such models, the nodes of wireless networks are used as sensors that determine the context in information systems for passengers, allow to determine patterns of transport use, etc. In other words, the infrastructure of the transport system will be used to provide customized data to users of information systems, as well as to analyze data during their processing. It is important to note that the approach under consideration pays great attention to the security of working with data.

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