On using web interfaces to analyze mobile device movements

Igor Petrov, Dmitry Namiot


In this paper, we consider the algorithms for using web interfaces for analyzing the movements of mobile devices, and we also developed and implemented an algorithm for such a movement analysis with a user interface. The task is to create some universal JavaScript library that can be used in mobile web applications. The library used web interfaces to access device movement data. to analyze the movement of a mobile device. An algorithm for determining displacements, based on a comparison of the similarity of time series, is proposed and implemented. The analysis of the properties of the proposed algorithm is carried out. At this stage, the algorithm can with high probability detect the movement of the telephone for predefined sets of movements. To implement the algorithm, the latest standards of web programming languages and development technologies were used. Experiments were conducted on a real mobile device and conclusions were drawn on the implementation of the constructed algorithm. Using the web interface will allow you to apply the developed algorithm both in browser applications on mobile phones and in mobile applications that use web technologies in their source code. The developed algorithm does not depend on the platform of a specific mobile device, since the web interfaces used are supported in most existing mobile web platforms.

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