Temperature control system synthesis for a thermodynamic system

Viktor Lapshin, Alexey Zakalyuzhnyy


The paper considers a special case of electromechanical control system synthesis by the maximum method. The task of electromechanical system synthesizing the optimal speed for stabilizing the thermodynamic system's operating modes was chosen as the basis, based on the use of the Peltier module as a thermal Converter. An analysis and perturbed motion mathematical model synthesis of the system was performed, which showed the presence of an asymptotically stable stationary operation mode. Then, on the obtained mathematical model basis, the control system was synthesized by the maximum method. Systems modeling was performed using the MATLAB software package. The obtained results allowed us to formulate the following main scientific position: the control system synthesis based on the maximum principle allows us to significantly optimize the reaction of the thermodynamic system to external disturbances.  To implement the results obtained, you will need to modify the device we offer as follows: you will need to enter a temperature control sensor and a separate chip for calculating the switching time on, the switching time off and switching of additional control on the fan drive.

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