Improvement of Ethnobotanical Information System Using SQL Server

Laman Hamidova


The paper deals with the relationship between ethnobotanical documentation tables and database management system for ethnobotany. Ethnobotany is a scientific investigation of the connection among plants and individuals. The need of right approaching this province of knowledge likewise installing authentic information has been as often as possible recognized. The main aim of the investigation is to survey the variety of methodologies in putting away ethnobotanical data in databases and to give some insignificant measures to these databases. In this article has been analyzed for gathering ethnobotanical data when using information system and defined storage management system for ethnobotanical information system for preparing ethnobotanical documentation tables to building up database management system for ethnobotany. The information in this type can be seen and altered effectively utilizing spreadsheet programs which are recognizable to the working explorative etnobotanists. The use of tables for the institutionalized access to information in either possess or openly accessible databanks and the standardization of activity techniques is introduced.

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