Using OwnCloud and LibreOffice in supporting the making of DAPODIC REPORT books

Andi Nugroho, Sarwati Rahayu


Technological developments from time to time have rapidly increased. Progress is like cloud technology, originally people can only do install computers from home and have to store documents on storage media called hard drives, but the current storages media are online applications. So in this research aims to create an open-source service from the collaboration application Owncloud and Libreoffice to solve problems in making a DAPODIC REPORT book. In this research, a server with Linux operating system, Owncloud and Libreoffice applications will be created to solve the problem of late charging the DAPODIK report book. In the end Primary School student grades can be stored in the cloud and can be accessed by elementary school teachers and elementary school parents, parents no longer need to wait for the distribution of DAPODIK report books at the end of school and no longer need to be late to find out grades their children. Student guardians also no longer need to wait for the filling in scores derived from other teachers to be able to report DAPODIK, because with the owncloud and libreoffice applications teachers can collaborate on filling in grades in real time without having to wait.

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