On the development of a Progressive Web Application for the push notifications management system

Yuliya Gavrilenko, Daniel Saada, Evgeniy Ilyushin, Dmitry Namiot


This article presents a system for push notification management. It is based on the results of the project, which includes the development of an application server for the push notification systems. Push notifications (or server notifications) have recently been used increasingly as a replacement for SMS (MMS) notifications. Such notifications can be used both in mobile applications on a variety of platforms and in web applications that work in modern mobile operating systems. In this paper, we used the technology of browser push-notifications – so-called web push. The article provides a detailed overview of the technologies and architectures used to develop the server and client part of the web application and outlines also the advantages of these technologies. The architecture of the application and the database schema are discussed in detail. Particular attention is paid to the Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology, which promotes the development of a web application that is a hybrid of a website and a platform-dependent (native) application. This technology was announced in 2015 by Google and quickly gained popularity with its obvious advantages over native applications and conventional web applications. Also, the service tools (frameworks, libraries) with the open code, used at application creation are in detail described.

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