Specificity of information security in the Internet of Things

A.M. Polegenko


Information security issues are becoming more relevant with the network technologies developing. Today we are surrounded by an increasing number of gadgets that can share data with each other with or without the user. By connecting to the network, various devices from fitness trackers to remote control system of power supply at home, process and transmit information related to the user. As the Internet becomes more commercialized, more attention is paid to the protection of personal data, financial transactions and countering cyber threats.  Given the characteristics of the devices, as well as their different nature, network security issues require consideration of new aspects. Studies in recent years show that seven out of ten popular smart devices are vulnerable to potential attacks. Most of the security threats identified were related to unencrypted data, personal data collection, vulnerable user interfaces, and insecure connections. The main security concerns stem from the fact that existing security methods and tools were originally developed for desktop computers and did not take into account the characteristics and limitations of IOT devices. Today, along with the adaptation of existing protection technologies, the issues of standardization in the field of the Internet of things are important.

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