On artificial intelligence as a strategic tool for the economic development of the country and the improvement of its public administration. Part 1. The experience of the United Kingdom and the United States

Igor Sokolov, Vladimir Drozhzhinov, Alеxander Raikov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Dmitry Namiot, Vladimir Sukhomlin


The Russian, United Kingdom and the United States government’s strategic documents on digital economics and artificial intelligence (AI) are explored to clear the AI usage as a strategic tool for improving public administration and economic development within digital economies. Based on the Russian theory and practice of applying individual components of artificial intelligence in public administration, the concept of a cognitive government following the digital government is proposed. It is shown that in the near future (2020-2030) the technologies of cognitive e-government can reach a mature degree of development and only countries that have cognitive e-governments can compete in the international market of goods and services, and will be able to withstand hybrid wars. In conclusion, recommendations on the development of the Russian cognitive e-government are given.

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