Laboratory bench for testing the integration capabilities of SDN networks and traditional networks

Olga R. Laponina, Marat R. Sizov


The article examines possible migration options for software-defined networks (SDN), as well as the requirements for a laboratory bench that allows testing various options for integrating SDN into the architecture of traditional data networks. The main focus is on testing SDN without using real equipment, exclusively in the laboratory, using public and/or commercial software solutions. The emulated segment of the network is implemented on a computer with a OS Windows on which the graphical simulator of the GNS3 network is installed. In the GNS3 environment, virtual copies of the Cisco router, VirtualBox virtual machine with OS Ubuntu/Linux, network switch and two virtual hosts are created. The router in GNS3 is emulated using the Cisco Dynamips router emulator using the real Cisco IOS software image.

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