Digital Economy – Smart Working

В.П. Куприяновский, С.А. Синягов, С.И. Липатов, Д.Е. Намиот, А.О. Воробьев


This article is a continuation of the review of the practical application, in the context of the concept of the digital economy, new technologies, such as building information modeling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), and other components so far are the concept of Intelligent (Smart) systems. We discuss the aspects of the implementation of control systems for workers - "A smart way to work» (Smart Working). It is a continuation of a series of publications on topical issues of the implementation of the digital economy in Russia, and, in general, the implementations of intelligent (Smart) systems. The article deals with the interaction of telecom operators (and services), insurance companies, standardization and other stakeholders to the implementation of systems based on Smart Working conception, as well as the companies (organizations) which is planned to implement these systems on the example of companies in the construction industry.

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