On telecom services and the DISN evolution

Manfred Sneps-Sneppe


Communication specialists around the world are facing the same problem: shifting from circuit switching to packet switching. In 2006, the Pentagon adopted a new plan for the next 15 years entitled Joint Vision 2020. The plan announced a DISN (Defense Information System Network) paradigm shift: the transition from SS7 signaling to IP protocol. It is assumed that the IP protocol will be the only means of communication between the transport layer and applications. The article is devoted to the discussion of the telecommunications service evolution. We will provide examples to illustrate the difficulties that complicate the transition from CS to PS, to web-oriented services. A sort of birthmarks on the DISN remain the "Red Phone" network (Defense Red Switched Network) based on ISDN technology, as well as databases of AIN (Advanced Intelligent Network) and SCE (Service Creation Environment) for AIN services.

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