Computer models, automated information and expert systems for monitoring aerohydrosol flows by acoustic method in industry and construction

A.I. Riabous, K.Z. Biliatdinov, V.A. Lepikhova


Innovative approaches to improving the information support for monitoring dispersed systems using acoustic methods are presented. The practical significance is based on the fact that today the use of the spectral acoustic method makes it possible to determine the dispersed composition of aerohydrosol flows with a sufficiently high accuracy. To ensure the effective application of this method, it is proposed to develop an information expert monitoring system. The expert system is complex software consisting of a data bank and auxiliary programs that perform the solution of aimed tasks and interaction with the user. The applied spectral-acoustic method is based on the principles of acoustic emission, in which sensors register sound vibrations produced by particles of the test substance in an air or liquid stream. Decomposition of the resulting audio file into a spectrum allows you to determine the composition of the studied mixture. In order to obtain the most accurate results, it was decided to use computer modeling methods to generate test files and verify the operability of the method. For this purpose, the functional requirements for the expert system are justified. The architecture of the expert system is defined. For the purposes of practical application, the general task of developing an expert system based on the study and systematization of monitoring information processes, as well as for the formation of a computer model with the definition of key parts of the expert system, is formulated.

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