Improving Software Quality Through Component-Based Development: A New Strategy

Wisam Ch. Alisawi, Israa M. AL-Khafaji, K. A. Djuraev, A. V. Panov


Software operations and their development nowadays are considered one of the most important challenges we face, which the software engineer develops and creates the most important tools that help developers as well as designers of these programs. One of the things that we must prioritize is how to improve the methods that produce software tools for us in a good way, through high quality and lower cost, and follow the methods that achieve the goal, which is based on several methods. One such practice is development of software using «Component-Based Software Development (CBSD)» [1,3]. This method recommended building reusable software systems to take advantage of previous experiences as well as use good features instead of starting from scratch. Where most of the characteristics and features of the CBSD method are a good gateway to enter the software industry as well as provide a good model for software development. The steps to develop programs go through many stages. In this research paper, we have taken development steps based on a proposed model that we called the A-model. Where we have provided a reduction in the many steps that lead to the loss of long times for delivery, as well as the costs involved while ensuring that quality is maintained.

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