Applying fuzzy control systems to unveil hidden patterns in sports analytics

A.A. Pisarevsky, V.V. Kholmogorov


This paper examines the technology of applying fuzzy logic apparatus to solve problems of data analysis using the process of unveiling hidden patterns in sports analytics.The article describes a simple method for computing fuzzy relations to identify new associative rules based on a given knowledge base from sports analytics, which will reveal hidden patterns.As a basic example, several empirical rules describing aspects of a player's career are given. The resulting fuzzy knowledge base is used to calculate new rules, which can later be operated to further analyze a player's career.After conducting an intellectual analysis of a player's career and applying fuzzy logic methods, we can conclude that it is enough to collect the indicators of several aspects of a football player's professional life, as well as to make some axioms in advance to determine how much he earns approximately and in which club he plays.The topic of application of fuzzy logic in analytics is studied very little, because fuzzy logic is used mainly in creating experimental expert systems. But its application can also be focused on the analysis of weakly structured data, in which it is not always possible to detect patterns between elements. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct further research on this topic.

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