Development and research of software to improve the efficiency of motion detection in the intelligent video surveillance system

E.E. Istratova, A.O. Smirnova


The article presents the results of the development and testing of software for motion detection, which has low requirements for computing resources and, at the same time, functional characteristics sufficient for the operation of an intelligent video surveillance system in real time. In the course of the work, the features of the application of software and hardware solutions and motion detection algorithms on devices with limited computing power were considered, and software requirements were determined. As a result of the software implementation, a motion detection solution was developed, a distinctive feature of which is the ability to work with multiple camera streams simultaneously in real time. The software can be installed on embedded systems and used to solve problems of monitoring and security of premises and territories. The finished software product allows you to set stream parameters when adding a camera, as well as subsequently change them, it also provides for editing the default values and global parameters of camera streams, which improves the efficiency of the motion detection process in intelligent video surveillance systems.

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