A weapon control model based on Huawei's Internet of Things technology

Liu Yi


IoT is a new type of technology that continues to appear with the development of the "Internet +". The computer technology of the Internet of Things is being popularized in the field of public safety, environmental protection, intelligent transport, as well as people's lives and work. The widespread use of computer technology of the Internet of Things has really led to huge achievements and breakthroughs in all spheres of life in my country. Thanks to advanced technology, ease of use and higher efficiency, it has gradually received strong support and development from various countries. Can say, that our society has now entered the era of the computer Internet of Things with "Internet +" as the background.

Huawei is the main initiator of the development of the global Internet of Things industry. She is a major member of a number of industry organizations/industry alliances around the world, as well as the initiator of the AIoT Industry Alliance. She has made an active contribution to industry standards and industry norms. Huawei uses its own technical capabilities to play an important role in the field of the Internet of Things and contribute to the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry.

With the continuous development of national defense enterprises in various countries, the combination of new Internet technologies with the traditional construction of national defense has become a new trend in the development of national defense enterprises. The purpose of this article is to use Huawei's Internet of Things solutions to offer a new model of modern weapon control.

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