Practical Application of Functional Programming and Regular Expressions in Bibliometric Analysis

Alexander Prutzkow, Irina Susanina


In a bibliometric analysis of publications by Russian authors in the field of art therapy based on the library database of the Scientific Electronic Library, as well as the Russian State Library for the period from 2005 to 2021 we to solve a problem of the most frequently encountered authors of works in the bibliographic index. We propose two solutions to the problem: using a spreadsheet and using programming in a high-level language. For the solutions, the time costs for implementation and the reliability of the result obtained were compiled. The spreadsheet solution requires significant manual labor to populate an 890x608 table, resulting in errors and speed display. The high-level language programming solution automates the counting process but requires programming knowledge and time spent on writing and debugging the program. We chose the second solution. There are three stages of the solution: 1) preparation of initial data; 2) writing a program to solve the problem; 3) result with correction of bibliographic descriptions. An addition was put forward to the program: the use of only functional programming. The developed program revealed deviations from the most frequently encountered authors of works in the bibliographic index.

Full Text:

PDF (Russian)


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