Creating a set of scenarios for the purpose of analyzing the functional safety of control systems

Anna Mishkina, Oleg Kirovsky, Igor Mozolin


The article deals with the analysis of the functional safety of the control system of highly automated vehicles. The article proposes a method for describing scenarios for the use of vehicles, which can be used in hazard analysis and risk assessment - an integral part of the functional safety life cycle. A review analysis of research methods for describing scenarios according to the ASAM OpenScenario standard in the field of functional safety was carried out. The issues of the basics of functional safety according to the ISO 26262:2018 standard are considered. In addition, the main directions in the field of scenario modeling are considered. The description of the scenarios is essential for testing and verifying the safety of highly automated vehicles. However, in the real development process, the data formats and interfaces used by different manufacturers and vendors of simulation tools are diverse, and it is difficult to unify standards. The article discusses a method for extracting a set of traffic scenarios, which then, after analysis, will allow to ensure road safety, as well as cope with growing traffic. To ensure safety, it is necessary to identify the most frequently repeated scenarios, describe them in a formal language, and conduct a hazard analysis and risk assessment. The result of the work is a list of described use cases for the control system of highly automated vehicles.

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