Physical Browser: Concept and Overview of Existing API Solutions

Anna Slabouzova, Dmitry Namiot


A physical browser is a context-sensitive browser in which a web application has access to information about the environment or context. Context refers to the location, identity of nearby people and objects, and changes in those objects. Information about available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices can serve as contextual information for an ordinary smartphone. The work assumes that the browser is a mobile application based on the concept of network proximity. In this model, the computation of user coordinates in systems using location information is replaced by information about the availability of wireless nodes. It is the proximity to existing or custom-built wireless network nodes that replaces geo-computing in this approach. This model also completely eliminates the transfer of location information to a third-party provider.

The paper discusses the concept of a physical browser, as well as current API implementations that can be used by a web application to obtain the necessary interaction with the device's system API.

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