Using information technology to design comfortable furniture based on research of seniors’ needs

Ekaterina Rodionova, Lyudmila Vidiasova, Igor Kuprienko, Iaroslava Tensina


The paper presents the results of the development of high-tech furniture for the elderly using virtual reality technology (VR). The furniture development was preceded by a study of 120 older people (60+) from all 8 federal districts of Russia and 30 heads of different organizations providing public spaces used by seniors. The study was carried out by the method of online questionnaires using a database of verified respondents from large, medium and small cities. According to the results of the survey, the preferences of the elderly were revealed regarding the organization of inside and outside public spaces. Based on the detected preferences and the barriers that seniors faced with, a virtual reality table was developed, which allows older people to comfortably accommodate, avoid the negative effects of losing touch with reality, as well as making it possible to remotely participate in various public and private events.


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