Experience in analyzing information on the movement of sea vessels, extracted from electronic sea charts online

E. Kuzhbanova, S. Porshnev


The article describes a developed technology that allows you to extract information about the names of ships and their current coordinates from online nautical charts. This technology is implemented by the authors in the MATLAB package in the form of the ECS software tool, the table structure used to store this information is described.

The analysis of information on the movement of sea vessels through the Kerch Strait in the period from 09/13/2020 to 10/13/2020, obtained from the corresponding electronic marine online maps, was carried out. It has been demonstrated that this information allows to divide the traffic of sea vessels into two separate flows: the flow of vessels moving from the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov (forward direction), and the flow of vessels moving in the opposite direction. It has been demonstrated that the availability of information on the names of ships and their coordinates allows a multidimensional analysis of sea traffic. Also count the number of ships that passed the Kerch Strait in forward and backward directions on each day of the week; to build the distribution of sea vessels: according to the time of their waiting for passage through the Kerch Strait, according to the time of day; calculate the dependencies of the number of ships passing in the forward and backward directions during the selected time interval, which represent a time series (TS) from a mathematical point of view.

An express analysis of the TS data was carried out, which made it possible to conclude that they are some realizations of random processes. This allows the use of appropriate methods of applied mathematical statistics and TS analysis for their analysis. And then build mathematical models that describe the dynamics of sea traffic, based on which, potentially, it is possible to predict the workload of the Keren Strait.

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E.A. Kuzhbanova and S.V. Porshnev “Technology for extracting instant coordinates of sea vessels in a selected part of the World Ocean from online maps” Information Technologies and Engineering – APITECH - 2019 // Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1679, Issue 3, article id. 032053 (2020)


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