Data formats and the problem of identifying elements of the multimedia collections

N. V. Borisov, V. V. Zakharkina, I. A. Mbogo, D. E. Prokudin, P. P. Shcherbakov


The article discusses aspects of creating a support system for a scientific multimedia online journal that allows full access to multimedia collections via the web interface without installing and using additional applications or plug-ins on the client side.

The requirements dictated by the storage, access, and presentation of multimedia elements of electronic collections by the collection support service, content owners, and external users are analyzed.

Special attention is paid to the mechanism of identification of elements of multimedia collections on the example of quoting materials of scientific online publications. A solution is proposed for programmatically creating correct links to multimedia fragments of online articles. Such links can provide both the formation of appropriate bibliographic descriptions for subsequent citation, and the possibility of implementing the original multimedia components in publications on other resources. The proposed citation mechanism is implemented and operates in test mode.

The multimedia collection publishing system, which currently supports a limited set of formats, has been brought to the level of out-of-the-box deployment in both the multimedia collection support system and the electronic multimedia magazine version. It is planned to support all the formats discussed in the article in the future.


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